Choosing the right domain name for your website

Your domain name is your online identity. So it’s crucially important to choose one that’s both imaginative and easy to remember for visitors to your website.

To help you find the domain name that best expresses the image you want to convey, put yourself in a visitor’s shoes, and keep in mind your brand philosophy.

Choose the right domain extension

The extension you choose will also play a part in your domain name’s success. “.com” remains the most instantly recognisable extension in the world. In many cases, however, it’s best to think locally by opting for an extension specific to your company or sector.

Reserve every possible variation of your domain name

Look for possible alternatives to your chosen name, and buy up those domains if you can. You should also reserve the same names for your social media accounts. The aim is to ensure that your brand is represented consistently, across all platforms.

Loss or theft of your domain name

Domain names are frequently stolen. This usually happens when hackers gain access to email accounts or accounts held with domain name registries.

Domain names can also be lost, most often when the owner forgets to renew the name before it expires.

Remember, we can manage your domain name for you.